Bistro Raw Vegan

Our secret ingredient

Yes, of course it’s also healthy. It’s raw vegan, after all. But, most of all, our food is simply delicious. Because we love making it. It’s as if we’d be preparing it for ourselves, but you get to eat it.

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Master Chef


“ Excelentă mâncare, pot să spun chiar neaşteptat de gustoasă! Combinaţiile dintre gusturi, texturi şi culori sunt perfecte, nimic în minus, nimic în plus. Felicitări şi succes pe viitor! “

Ioana Ang

“ Brilliant ! When your meal is both tasty and healthy you totally got the big ticket . “

Simona Macovei

“ I was lucky I was told about this little Bistro. Seeing the pictures of the meals and the ingredients I already sensed it would be very good. And… it was! ”

Leonardo Brandes

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Raw Vegan Products



Treat yourself to our 100% vegan delicacies. We add no sugar or preservatives when preparing our dishes. But we add a lot of passion instead.